Thursday, February 14, 2013

Inspiration Overload!

Last week’s class was so much fun. In addition to making three beautiful sinks, we made a variety of decorative bowls, draped pendant lights, cast glass towers and even had time to comb molten glass inside the kiln.

All the hands-on creativity kept me so busy, that the commissioned sinks I was working on were put on temporary hold. I’ve taken a few days to reorganize since the class and I’m back on track. The sinks are in the final stages of completion and will soon be ready to ship.    

Fused Glass Sinks: Part 2  

The attraction I have to making glass sinks is simple; experience and planning can take you only so far. If you trust in the unique characteristics of the medium they can take you further, often times exceeding your expectations.

The assembled glass is fired in the kiln to a temperature of 1500 degrees and held there for a period of time while it fuses into a smooth, flat disc. It’s then cooled slowly back down to room temperature, over several hours.

Cooled fused glass disc.
 Once cool, the disc is placed on a mold and heated a second time to a lower temperature of 1265 degrees. It’s held there until it slumps and conforms to the shape of the mold. 

Cement slumping mold.
Fused glass on the slumping mold.
Slumped glass inside the mold.
Slumped glass outside the mold.
With the removal of the slumped glass from the mold the kiln work is complete. The next step is cold working. See how the rough edge is finished to a high polish and how drain holes are made in Fused Glass Sinks: Part 3, coming soon.

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