Friday, February 19, 2016

Charity Auction

Let the bidding begin! 
Pride in Colors is now up for auction. Jump on it! The auction ends tomorrow.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting Fired Up!

Free-Flow technique by Lisa Vogt

If you’re wondering why this girl, the one who usually has plenty to say and share, has been quiet lately; it’s because I’ve been blissfully pushing fused glass boundaries in my studio. 

As an instructor, I strive to encourage, inspire and nurture my students. But every so often, I crave the freedom to follow my own imaginative path; to seek out exciting new methods for making fused glass that I can bring to the classroom. The rewards of concentrated study go beyond improving and expanding technique. The in-depth focus gives me a fresh perspective for creating unique designs and the limitless possibilities bring the novelty back to my job. Novelty is always welcome, since I’ve been wielding a glass cutter for more than 25 years. 

Every new year I attempt to make some small improvement; I don’t adapt well to rigid new year resolutions. Instead, weaving the changes in gradually, slowly increasing their frequency, gets lasting results. This year, to expand my horizons, I’m trying to do ordinary, routine things differently. For my first shake up, I traded in my old-school Mr. Coffee pot for a Keurig coffee machine. I didn’t think I’d like the one-cup-at-a-time philosophy. But as it turns out, I love the convenience and all the wonderful coffee flavors that are readily available. The next big change came at a high-class salon where I entrusted my wild hair to a talented young cosmetologist who I’ve known since she was 18 months old. I simply asked her to, “modern me up.” After a quick assessment of my disobedient mane, she suggested that I embrace my curls. As you can see from my new profile pics, I took her advice. Now, my hair and I are in that happy place and getting along better than ever.  

Free-Flow technique by Lisa Vogt

Out in my studio, I applied the same attitude and made a conscious effort to be open minded in my thinking and flexible in how tasks were completed. The results were amazing. New project ideas flowed freely, they flooded my head faster than I could keep up. In the middle of the night, I’d jump up out of bed to scribble rough designs on scraps of paper so they wouldn’t be forgotten. 

Going into this artistic mission, I had a master plan with specific goals. It was my intention to blend glass colors to make cross-mixes with subtle shading and soft color washes. I wanted to create effects similar to those you’d see in blown glass, but make them in a kiln. Also, I wanted to design complex pieces of art with stimulating patterns and then shape those pieces into graceful, sculptural forms.

The sophisticated artwork I envisioned required multiple firings. It took time, perseverance and patience to stay organized through the many stages of fabrication. But my effort was rewarded. I learned so much and have really exciting new techniques to share. The most fascinating being my innovative Free-Flow process in which I manipulate glass in the kiln to produce amazing color blends and mixes. I also discovered creative new ways to incorporate advanced techniques like weaving, combing, and embossing into my projects. 

It goes without saying, not all of my pieces turned out well. In fact, some really UGLY _hit came out of my kilns. When that happened, I stuck to the original plan and started over. Some pieces were made as many as five times before they were acceptable. In those cases, I can really explain what NOT to do or what will happen if you move forward anyway. You know who you are. 

This failed drop out was adopted by friends.

There was one good constant though, something valuable was learned from every single firing, whether the outcome was deemed a success or a failure. 

This failed bird cage looked like a bad rib cage. It became a dumpster Frisbee.

I’m really excited about sharing the many new concepts and techniques I learned during my concentrated study. Students taking my classes can look forward to building on this new material and my newly enriched insight as it relates to the workshop.  

Super UGLY! I don't know what I was thinking... It's still waiting for a good home.

For every one of my beautiful pieces you see there are several ugly misfits you’ll never see. I experiment, so you don’t have to. 

Are you ready to do things differently?
Let's fire it up!

PS If you’re wondering what happens to the ugly misfits, some find homes with sympathetic friends, others are dumpster Frisbees and the rest have a place in the artist’s “private collection.”
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