Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Reasons to Embrace Change

Change is inevitable. 

There is nothing we can do about it. What we can do is control how you react to change. In these uncertain times, there is one thing I whole heartedly believe to be true - glass art will endure. And, the real artists, those who actively strive to improve their skill set and constantly reinvent their design style will thrive. Their creative visions won’t cease to exist simply because a product line is no longer available. And the tenacious spirit of the serious artist to produce exceptional art will not, cannot be denied. 

Are you a serious artist? 

Stop looking back. Start today and look forward. Imagine all the beautiful possibilities that only come to light when change disrupts your flow.

1 Growth. It’s easy to get lazy about our work and remake the same reliable old projects over and over. Sure, the results are predictable but so is the art. The real exciting work is made when you approach the same medium from new and different directions.  

2 Refreshing perspectives. Change opens our eyes to the beauty and wonder of subtle details previously left unexplored. These recently visible fine points are where inspiration for innovative new design directions are found.

3 Community. No matter what facet of your life is changing, whether you’re changing your diet or your route to work, there are new and interesting people to meet along the way. These folks will likely share other fun interests with you as well. 

4 Conversation. We become so familiar with each other that conversations grow stale. Having something new to talk about with friends and family makes you fun and interesting to be around.

5 Sex. I just wanted to see if you were still with me and paying attention. But seriously, those who embrace growth, have a refreshing perspective, are active in their community and are good conversationalist do attract the attention of other lively individuals. I’m contributing the formula here; the rest is up to you.  

The idea of change is scary. But in my experience, something good has always come from facing those fears head on. On more than one occasion, the results were unbelievably amazing. 

Here’s to amazing!   


Get started!  
Here are opportunities to improve your skill set and reinvent your design style right now!

Make a Fused Glass Sink Webinar
Back by popular demand.

Please join me next Tuesday May 24, 2016 and you’ll learn how easy it is to design, construct, fuse, slump, drill and cold-work three different style sinks.
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Hands-on Workshops
Let’s get together and fuse!

What you’ll learn:
·         The two key secrets of exceptional art.
·         How to design like a master artist.
·         The impact of color and how to use it.
·         Multi-facet fabrication.
·         Wow factor display, lighting and lift.

Take it to the Next Level – Advanced Mixed Technique
2-Day Workshop, June 13-14, 2016

Breaking Through – Making Exhibition Quality Artwork
2-Day Workshop, June 15-16, 2016

D&L Art Glass Supply in Denver, CO.

See you in Denver!