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Fall Fusing Fun with Frit

Festive Falling Leaf Plate
Fall arrives in Florida much like spring arrives up north. After a summer-long confinement to our air conditioned homes, cars, offices and malls, fall’s cooler temperatures are as welcome as a second scoop of chocolate fudge swirl ice cream. Along with the drier air and crystal clear skies, autumn ushers in a festive mood that marks the beginning of seasonal celebrations. As I look forward to those yearly traditions, the cherished gatherings of family and friends, I try to think of new ways to make this year’s festivities memorable. Naturally my thoughts gravitate toward my well-stocked glass racks and making fun projects that’ll get me out of the office and into my open-air studio where fourteen kilns sit idly. Because nothing gives a home that inviting, cozy atmosphere we relish and remember like handcrafted accents.  

Some of my favorite pieces of fused glass art are small pieces that serve simple, everyday functions. In my kitchen I enjoy showy, seasonally themed dishes displayed on the counter. A six inch square dish rests beside the sink; it holds the sponge we use to wash dishes. Two complimentary four inch square pieces sit on either side of the stove; they’re handy, colorful spoon rests. Another, similar dish sits beside the coffee pot, ready every morning to cradle the spoon I use to stir my creamer. 

These Festive Falling Leaf plates are fun and super easy to make. Here’s how: 

To make the six inch plate, cut a 5 ½ inch square of white glass for the base layer. Cut a 6 inch square of clear glass for the second, top layer. Cut a leaf stencil of your choice out of stiff paper; I use file folders or poster board. Sift light green powder frit over the white base layer. Sift medium and dark green frit over the leaf stencil on top of the light green frit. Set aside. Paint a tree branch on the backside of the six inch clear layer, I used Glassline, line and shading material for glass, Carbon Blue color. Set aside and let dry. Cut an oak leaf or similar shaped stencil out of stiff paper. When the paint is dry, sift powder frit leaves onto the top side of the clear layer. For best results, overlap leaves and use high contract colored opal powder like red opal, orange opal and yellow opal. For added detail, sprinkle cranberry colored fractures on top of the leaf shapes. Carefully stack the decorated clear layer on top of the frit covered base layer. Fire to a full fuse temperature. Slump in a square mold. The four inch squares have a 3 ½ inch white base and 4 inch clear top layer decorated in the same way.  

Layering design elements in combination with stenciling is a terrific way to quickly and easily jazz up otherwise simple pieces. It’s a technique with a lot of potential you can use to embellish all of your holiday projects. 


For this project I used: System 96 glass: white and clear. Powder frit: Amazon Green Opal, Fern Green Opal, Yellow Opal, Sunflower Opal, Orange Opal & Red Opal. Glassline, Carbon Blue, line and shading material for glass, to paint the tree branch. Gold pink confetti.

Want to SEE how these festive plates are made? Check out the video!
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Festive Falling Leaf Plate

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