Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fabulous, Fun, Fusing with Frit!

Paradise Bay
Never underestimate the power of small! Frit may be tiny, but make no mistake, this little powderhouse can make a huge, positive impact on your glass artwork. The beauty of frit is in its flexibility. And I love to push that flexibility every chance I get.

There are always several ways to approach any glass fusing project. But if you can incorporate frit of some sort into that project, you’ll have something unexpected that is unquestionably more engaging. And as self-serving as it is, we all want to dazzle people with our art.

Next time you’re brainstorming how to build your project consider replacing some or several design elements with frit. Play with different sizes; use mosaic, course, medium, fine and powder. Each size has its own unique visual characteristic that you will love after firing. Work with several shades of the same color such as light amber and medium amber to create a three dimensional quality. Repeat the same color such as red in both transparent and opal glasses for greater contrast. 

This is just a sampling of the tips and techniques you’ll see how to apply in my Fusing with Frit webinar next week. Hope to see you there!

Happy Fusing,

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Introducing: Fused Vessel Sinks with Lisa Vogt DVD

For more than fifteen years, I’ve been producing fused glass vessel sinks. For twelve of those years, I’ve shared my tried and tested techniques with students all around the world in hands-on workshops, through in-depth lectures and more recently, in live webinars.

Making sinks wasn’t always easy. Back in the beginning, there was very little information available. Imagine project development without the World Wide Web as a safety net. There was no such thing as, “Googling” the answer to your question. I had many failures but persisted. I was determined to develop a dependable process I could use repeatedly to fuse and slump large scale bowls with consistent results. On occasion it was necessary to modify my methods and fine-tune my firing programs, to attain the ideal results I was eager to achieve. My persistence was rewarded. The processes I’m working with today are reliable and deliver beautiful, predictable results over and over. And so I’m reaching out to share my discoveries again, but this time in a new way.

For years I’d planned to make an instructional video demonstrating how to make fused glass sinks. Well, I’m pleased to announce that Fused Vessel Sinks with Lisa Vogt is now available on DVD. The project took most of a year to complete, but the resulting video is rich with practical information and brimming with relevant material that both beginner and advanced fusers alike will find valuable. This comprehensive 75 minute video is a complement to the hands-on workshop and lecture series. In this video I demonstrate how to make three different sinks utilizing two fabrication methods. In addition, you’ll find an abundance of practical tips and tricks that you can use to increase your kiln forming success rate.

 Fused Vessel Sinks with Lisa Vogt DVD Video Review by Gil Reynolds 

"Fused Vessel Sinks with Lisa Vogt is an excellent educational DVD. Lisa is a top notch instructor who not only shows how to make three different types of glass sinks she shares a multitude of good solid kiln forming practices. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to be a better glass fuser."  

-Gil Reynolds
Order your copy of Fused Vessel Sinks with Lisa Vogt on DVD today at for the limited time, low introductory price of $24.95! Retail $29.95.

If you’re a hands-on learner, there’s one seat left in my May 12- 15, 2015 Fused Vessel Sink class held here in my, 14 kiln, private studio in sunny Wesley Chapel , Florida. Register at

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