Friday, September 5, 2014

The Artists Life

Recently, I feel as though I’ve been living under a rock. A good portion of an artist’s life is spent blissfully alone with her medium. It’s our happy place where we surrender to our muse, loose ourselves in the creative process and thrive. Some call it the zone. I’ve been very fortunate this summer and have been spending a lot of time in the zone. While there I’ve been working on a new series designed for the sole purpose of making beautiful pieces of art that speak to people.

The scary part is that it’s easy to lose your original focus when you’re in the zone. You go in with an idea, a plan, and you come out with something totally different. Sometimes that new thing is better than you could have imagined. Other times it’s an awful, ugly disaster you quickly get rid of before anyone realizes it came from you. It’s the risk you take for wandering the shadowy path.

The concept for the Signature Collection bloomed along with the lilies back in the spring. It took weeks to fine tune the model and then the summer months to bring the series to fruition. In all that time I’ve had little feedback on the strength of the series except from my family. And truth be told, they’re hard won critics when it comes to my art. So earlier this week when I shared the first teaser photos of the series I wasn’t sure what to expect or what kind of reaction people would have toward my personal expression. I’m thrilled to tell you the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s inspiring; it makes the long, hot hours and hard work worthwhile.  

My time spent under the rock was rejuvenating. Crawling out now, I’m looking forward to life in the light and I’m excited about sharing the fruits of my labor with you.
The Signature Collection is in the final stages of completion. You’ll find the completed series on my website in the coming weeks.

An artist opens a dialog with strangers though her art. It’s an invitation to see the world though her eyes. 

Tell me what you see.

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