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In East meets West on March 4th I wrote about our most recent residential installation Lavish and Lush. The positive feedback I received from readers was overwhelming. Since then, with your encouragement, I’ve been sharing little known facts about earlier commissions that paved the way for that last installation. Flourish is one of those pieces.

Lavish and Lush
For years, I’d been increasingly adding and incorporating metal into my fused glass work, pushing the sculptural aspect of my art. When I was commissioned to make this large scale wall mounted sculpture I found it essential to add a third, new element, light.

The client and designer had vague ideas as to the design direction the sculpture should take. It was up to me to come up with something that would WOW them: so I drew inspiration from the most logical place, the client’s home.  I noted ribbons and circle shapes repeated throughout the area, surrounding the installation site. They were inlaid in the stone floor, forged into the iron railing leading to the second floor, woven into the fabric covering the sofa and even carved into the plush area rug in the family room.

I took into consideration the installation site and the T shaped wall space. I came up with a design that would start small and quiet then grow into a daring, outspoken spray of back lit familiar shapes, colors and textures.
Flourish means to make bold and sweeping gestures. The finished sculpture is 16 foot tall and 12 foot wide. It took over six months to design and fabricate. There are fourteen glass circles; seven are back lit with intricately hidden rope light. The beauty of this piece is its understated simplicity. All of the metal and glass engineering that went into the fabrication, though very much a part of the sculpture, is neatly hidden. It’s like a magic trick that is made more fantastic because the secret is concealed. The enormity of the piece is in how it enriches the space rather than how it is made.    

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A Moment in Time
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