Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Upscale Fusing

You might wonder, what does upscale fusing mean? 

Upscale fusing is the intentional pairing of complimentary design ideas to elevate the overall visual power of your artwork. It’s a simple concept that’s easily implemented. Combine this theory with your artistic flare, and you’ll rapidly advance your glass work from craft to fine art. 

In the following examples I’ll show you how I put these ideas into practice. 

Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty is a wonderful example of using visual texture to lure the viewer in and hold their attention. The woven center, made with iridized black strips, creates a focal point that intrigues the viewer. Then the linier band along the bottom invites the eye to move over and around the rest of the art. The tight linier pattern is also a welcome contrast to the openness of the background. Here, the airy color palate of blues and greens playfully call for further reflection.  

Grape Tray

Grape Tray is terrific example of the power of shape to engage the viewer. This is a simple design, but the unique profile combined with the clever representation of the heavily patterned glass is a winning combination.  

Fancy Feathers 

Fancy Feathers is an example of reinforcing the focal point, the flashy peacock feather, by including a background that enhances the key subject. Here, I use a subtle pattern that represents the tight feathers that run along a peacock’s neck to add interest and purpose to the background. This is also a great example of going out of bounds by designing a unique shape that viewers don’t anticipate but love.  

Lock & Key

Lock and Key is a fun example of how delivering a message can create a more intimate bond between the art and viewer. Here the recognizable images, the lock and key invite the viewer to linger longer to consider what deep message the artist might be trying to convey.

Amber Round

Amber Round is an excellent example of using color and pattern to seduce the viewer. Here the sweeping lines, contrasted by the solid black lines is a lively combination that’s irresistible.  

Golden Aspen

Golden Aspen has it all. The striking imagery, embossed texture, tower style profile and custom glass pedestal give it a gallery quality, sculptural presence that viewers are drawn to. It’s the innovative combination of visual treats that make this piece of art memorable. 

The individual techniques used to make these projects are easy. It’s the pairing of different methods that make these pieces of art exceptional. The work, and fun are in the planning and the execution. 

On your next project, try blending two or three of your favorite techniques. The results will be nothing short of amazing.  

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